Why Choose Avventura Clothing Company?

 We are a clothing company driven by our passion for adventure. In addition, Avventura ships worldwide and is currently donating all profits to Devoted2Children foundation in Haiti. As a result we take serious pride in the quality of our clothes. Seems like by now you'd like to check out some of our product! This is why we supply with only the best of the best. In conclusion, we hope you can embark on a new adventure, and take the Avventura with you.

Avventura Clothing Logo

Becoming Part of the Avventura Community

Because we believe so strongly in growing a community of adventurer's we have started the instagram page AvventuraClothing. In addition we reward anyone who uses #AvventuraAdventures with 10% off.  Since we have started doing this we expect you all to come stop by and share! Finally, you should hit this link and go check it out.

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