What is Avventura Outerwear Clothing?

January, 1st 2017

This is the first website for Avventura Outerwear Clothing! We are super excited to launch and would just like to share a little bit about who we are and what we do. Well lets start off by saying, Hello! I am Kaden Hart, the founder/ceo of Avventura Outerwear Clothing. I am a 14 year old aspiring entrepreneur who has teamed up with a friend and a cousin to convert Avventura from a dream to a reality. The team here is a very outgoing, “outdoorsy” group. We believe that we can get people outside with our clothing, and thats our goal. We will be working hard across all social media platforms to get some way of sharing where you have taken Avventura . We want you to share your adventures with the world while having our clothing on your back. Part of being so young I understand how expensive things are, everything seems soooooooo far out of reach when it comes to money, especially good clothing. Should we really be paying 200 dollars to get a jacket that you NEED to have on you next excursion? We believe that we should be charging as little as possible in order to get you out and having FUN without breaking the bank.

What we offer.

So now that you know who we are lets talk about what we are releasing. We are launching with 6 items, 2 T-Shirt, Windbreakers, and 2 Hoodies. So lets talk a little about each item.


Our T-Shirts have a very athletic fit to them. They aren’t the baggy T-Shirts we all hide under our favorite jackets. Trust me, you’ll want to wear these this spring. We have picked the colors Grey and White, for our, “Sport Fit T-Shirts.


Now onto our Windbreakers. Launching with Windbreakers was a huge deal to us. We all love them, but they are ALWAYS overpriced. Ive seen Windbreakers of same material selling for $60. Thats truly insane. Here at Avventura our Windbreakers will only cost you $35! This is breaking minimum for us so we really do hope you enjoy them. The Windbreakers will come in the colors Navy and Maroon.


Okay, last, but certainly not least is our Hoodies/PulloversHoodies are an essential part of our lives nowadays, they are stylish, comfortable, and easy to match with. We will be releasing an 8oz, 50% Polyester 50% Cotton Hoodie/Pullover that is stays extra warm, without loosing that snuggly soft feeling we all love. These will be released in Navy and Grey and will sell for $25.

So like we always say, embark on a new adventure, and take Avventura Outerwear Clothing with you.


The Avventura Outerwear Clothing team.